Top 10 Domain Related Google SEO Ranking Factors In 2020

Top 10 Domain Related Google SEO Ranking Factors In 2020

Today I want write about the top 10 domain related google SEO ranking factors webmasters need to know

Top 10 Domain Related Google SEO Ranking Factors In 2020

1. Domain Registration Length:
According to The length of time registered for a domain is an important SEO factor. A Google patent was quoted to have confirmed this by saying that:“Valuable (legitimate) domains are often paid for several years in advance, while doorway (illegitimate) domains rarely are used for more than a year.Therefore, the date when a domain expires in the future can be used as a factor in predicting the legitimacy of a domain.”In other words, a website that has been registered to stay active for the next 5 or 10 years will receive more trust from Google. As a result, it will rank better than a domain with equivalent amount of SEO efforts but with less registration length.So, you should consider increasing the length of time you pay for when next you are renewing your domain name with your hosting company.
2. Domain History:
When a domain has a history of multiple ownership change, this could prompt Google to reset its history and negate all the links pointing to it. And in the the ranking will drop since its backlinks are all gone.Since Google SEO ranking factors are all about trust, it is important to care about the type of history you are creating for your Domain. Simply by ensuring that your Domain remains free of negative history. Sending unsolicited email is one of the reasons why Domains are flagged for spamming. Many companies often buy bulk email addresses from email vendors.Afterwards, they begin to send email newsletters to these addresses. But since none of the email address owners subscribed for such, most of them would mark as spam.As a result, the Domain begins to accrue a bad reputation. The best way to gather email addresses is still by allowing for willing subscription.If people subscribe willingly, there will be no need to mark the emails they receive as spam.
3. Domain Age:
Some SEO experts believe that how long a domain name had been in use is helpful in SEO. However, Google’s Matt Cutts seems not to support this in his video.According to him, “The difference between a six months old and a one year old Domain is not big at all.” So, it is fair to assume that even though it might count, it just might not count so much.

Domain WhoIs SEO factors

4. Public or Private WhoIs:
Before you subscribe to WhoIs privacy service with your hosting company, this SEO factor is worth considering. A while ago, Search Engine Journal quoted Matt Cutts of Google as saying:“…When I checked the whois on them, they all had “whois privacy protection service” on them.”“That’s relatively unusual. …Having whois privacy turned on isn’t automatically bad. But once you get several of these factors all together, you’re often talking about a very different type of webmaster than the fellow who just has a single site or so.”This means, private WhoIs could send the wrong signal to Google. It could suggest that you have something to hide. And when Google can’t trust you, it just might not trust your website.
5. Penalized WhoIs Owner:
If one of the Domain names registered in your name gets flagged for spamming, you might have search engine ranking issues with your other domains.By the way, this is only if the other Domains share the same WhoIs details as the flagged Domain.This is because Google can identify Domain owner’s details through the WhoIs credentials.
6. Country TLD Extension:
When you have a Country Code Top Level Domain (TLD) such as .ng, .ca, .uk etc, it could help you rank for the specific country you’ve identified with.The downside however, is that it could reduce the ability of your domain to rank globally. So, before you decide to choose a Country TDL Domain extension, ensure to consider this.If the market you are targeting is within your country, Country TDL domains are perfect. But if you intend to target global audience, you might want to consider this less.Other extensions that are not country specific, like .com, .net, .org are worth considering.

Keywords in Domain SEO factors

7. Keyword in primary Domain:
This used to be a big factor in the day but not at the moment. In those good old days, ranking for anything was simple.For instance, if you wish to rank for cake baking, you just need to name your website But over the years, this has been down played by other SEO factors.So, in case you’ll like to consider keyword related domain name for your website, be sure to complement it with other SEO efforts.The key thing about choosing a domain name however, is simplicity. I mean, it should be easy to spell, remember and pronounce.
8. Keyword in Sub Domain:
The idea with this is that having relevant keywords in your Sub Domain’s name would help your parent Domain’s ranking. This is understandable, since having keyword in a domain can enhance website ranking.Therefore, if a Sub Domain is performing well in search engine, its good performance will in turn rub-off on its parent domain.However, as said earlier, this factor is no more as important as before. Therefore, complementing it with other SEO efforts is very important.
9. Keyword as first word in Domain name:
This is all about starting your domain name with a keyword you intend to rank for. For example, if you intend to rank for fashion.Some experts believe that if your website starts with such a keyword you could have an edge. You just might rank better than websites that don’t have it in their Domain name.Also, you could out rank domain names that don’t have the keyword as their first word. But, in as much as this could be true, complementing it with other SEO efforts is important.
10. Exact Domain match (EMD):
Think of this as the easiest hack in Google SEO ever. Back in the days, you could rank for just about anything you want by simply naming your website after it.So, for instance, if you want rank for “the Best Comedian in Lagos”, you could just name your website exactly right? Yes, it is actually. But the bad news is that Google has updated its algorithm and that stopped. No more free, effortless SEO tricks like that again.However, coupled with other SEO efforts, this could still count for something in your ranking.

  • Domain Registration Length.
  • Domain History.
  • Domain Age.
  • Public or Private WhoIs.
  • Penalized WhoIs Owner.
  • Country TLD Extension.
  • Keyword in primary Domain.
  • Keyword in Sub Domain.
  • Keyword as first word in Domain name.
  • Exact Domain match (EMD).

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